On-The-Go Charger™
Compact Travel Charger
  • Two-way charging power means flexibility—­
    • Charge 2 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries with AC-USB wall adapter or through a USB port.
    • Charge electronic devices through USB port from fully charged batteries.
  • Compact, sliding design allows for easy storage­—perfect for travel!
  • LED indicator light illuminates to show charging direction—
    • LED glows red when IN/OUT switch set to “IN”, batteries receiving power.
    • LED glows green when IN/OUT switch set to “OUT”, electronic device receiving power from fully charged batteries.
  • Packaged in eco-friendly materials, including post-consumer recycled cardboard and recyclable PET plastic.
On-The-Go Charger


2 AA UltraLast Green™ Everyday Rechargeables™ batteries
AC-USB wall adapter
Interchangeable USB cable
USB and Mini USB connectors
Charger: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Batteries: 3 Year Limited Warranty

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