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UltraLast Green Sol Charger - Solar Panel/USB Charger with 2 AA Everday Rechargeables Batteries. Charges AA rechargeable batteries through solar panel or USB connection. Charges electronic devices through USB connection from fully charged batteries.

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Volts 1.20
mAh 2100
UPC 0 76097 96195 1

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The extensive line of UltraLast and UltraLast Green rechargeable batteries gives you the choice of long-term savings and positive environmental impact, compared to regular disposable (non-rechargeable) battery options. Find standard battery sizes, including AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V, in Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) and Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) chemistries for all your electronics needs.

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